Basic knowledge of valve

Basic knowledge of valve

The valves are used in a very wide range of national economic construction of a mechanical product. Valve in the exploitation of oil, gas, coal, metallurgy and ore, refining processing and pipeline systems; valves in the petrochemical, chemical, pharmaceutical, and food production systems; valve in hydropower, thermal power and nuclear power production system ; the valve urban construction to drainage, heating and gas supply systems; valves in metallurgical production systems; valves vessels, vehicles, aircraft, spacecraft and various mechanical movement using a fluid system; and the new valve in defense production technology in the field; the valve has a lot of demand for agricultural irrigation and drainage systems.


Valves are divided into automatic valve and drive valve. Automatic valve(eg: safety valves, pressure reducing valve, steam trap, check valve) is a device or by changes in the medium pressure pipe itself to achieve the purpose of opening and closing. Driver valves (gate valves, globe valves, ball valves, butterfly valves, etc.) is by driving means (manual, electric, hydraulic, pneumatic, etc.) drive control means or pressure pipeline medium flow rate and direction. Due to the differences of pressure, temperature, flow, and physical and chemical properties of the control apparatus and piping systems requirements and requirements for different, so very many types of valve specifications. Incomplete statistics show, I had a valve product varieties has reached more than 4,000 models, nearly 40,000 specifications, the valve plays a very large role in the economic life.

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