How camlock coupling quickly install the elastic wire ring?

As part of the installation of camlock coupling for a long distance, the compression of the elastic wire ring is difficult, the peripheral parts are easily scratched, the installation is cumbersome, inefficient and labor-intensive. So there appeared - Quick installation of elastic wire retaining ring device. The utility model is composed [...]

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How to avoid camlock coupling buckling deformation

In China, the automobile manufacturing industry, home appliance manufacturing enterprises, or maintenance of self-employed, are heavily used compressed air as a power source, therefore, will use the camlock coupling. When welding a thin plate member, the residual compressive stress in the area away from the weld zone causes the plate [...]

Causes and solutions of camlock coupling deformation

The camlock coupling buckling deformation is related to plate width, plate length, welding line energy and welding residual stress. When the ratio of plate width to plate length is constant, the critical thickness does not increase with the increase of plate width. In the case of constant plate width, [...]

The function of camlock coupling

Exchange function: air pressure, hydraulic tools, cylinders, hydraulic cylinders, metal mold related machinery accessories. Maintenance function: computer cooling device, die-casting machine cylinder maintenance. Test function: vacuum, pressure, leakage, operation and other tests. Conveying function: bolts, nuts and other solid transport, handling and conductive function. Filling function: inert gas, nitrogen, LPG, carbonated. Connection function: fishing [...]

What are the areas where camlock coupling are widely used?

The rapid application of the camlock coupling is almost wide to people no longer count clear, maybe he looks so much small, so insignificant,but in fact its function is very powerful, he through their own connection, will need to connect the two objects to be well connected, and then [...]

Camlock coupling used in cooling water, warm oil

Mainly used for general-purpose mold interface. The realization of the mold to achieve the simplification of the operation, to Strengthen the anti-rust function and types are various. Precautions for use: Please do not use fluid with cooling water, quick oil with camlock coupling. Do not use the maximum operating pressure limit. Do not [...]

Details needs attention when use stainless steel camlock coupling

Stainless steel camlock coupling is made of iron chrome alloy and then mixed with some other trace elements, if the use of defective, the trace metal elements will gradually accumulate in the human body, when reaching a limit, it will threaten the human well. Consumers use stainless steel camlock [...]

Features of camlock coupling

1.No need for any tool can be a variety of fluid piping connections and separation, anyone can easily complete. 2.Even in the connected state, the pipe is also maintained in a rotating state, so it will not occur before the screw thread produced by the twist. 3.In a narrow place and [...]

How is the camlock coupling size calculated?

This is an inch size Commonly used inch 1 inch is equal to 25.4 mm 1/4 "means that 1/4 inch equals 0.25 * 25.4 equals 6.35 mm If it is thread, then there should be a number of teeth, such as the number of 1/4 "-24UNF Meaning a large diameter of 6.35 in 1 [...]