Stainless steel camlock coupling weaving “hive”

The stainless steel camlock coupling material adopts imported stainless steel. The surface of the double color buckle tube adopts electropolishing technology. The chrome-plated double buckle tube surface coating can reach more than 10 times of similar products, bright color and more corrosion resistance. Copper double buckle material made of [...]

Introduction to camlock fitting

The vertical joint of the camlock fitting parts has a round tolerance of 6 on the center of the rotation center, and 7 on the other side; the radial runout tolerance of the mating surface and the guide surface is 6 The radial cylindrical runout tolerance of other cylindrical [...]

The use of camlock fitting & coupling

Why use a camlock coupling? 1 save time and effort: through the camlock coupling to disconnect and connect the oil circuit, the action is simple, saves time and labor. 2 Fuel saving: when the oil circuit breaks, the individual valve in the quick connector can close the oil circuit and the [...]


LNC Couplings Video Introduction

LNC Couplings includes Stainless Steel LNC hose tail coupling-GA, Stainless Steel LNC hose tail coupling-GI,Brass TW hose tail coupling-GA LNC Couplings Video Introduction

K&G Machinery Will In Aquatherm Moscow

Aquatherm Moscow is the leading event in Russia in the industry of heating, water supply, engineering and plumbing systems, air-conditioning, ventilation and equipment for pools, saunas and spas and the key business platform for demonstration of the latest industry novelties of international and Russian manufacturers. K&G Machinery Will In Aquatherm [...]


How the pipe and the valve are connected together

How to connect the common valve and pipe connection methods include: flange connection, the clamp connection, butt welding, screw connection, ferrule connection, clamp connection, self-sealing connection and other forms of connection. 1, the flange connection Flange connection is a flange with two ends of the valve body, corresponding to the [...]

How camlock coupling quickly install the elastic wire ring?

As part of the installation of camlock coupling for a long distance, the compression of the elastic wire ring is difficult, the peripheral parts are easily scratched, the installation is cumbersome, inefficient and labor-intensive. So there appeared - Quick installation of elastic wire retaining ring device. The utility model is composed [...]

camlock coupling 2

How to avoid camlock coupling buckling deformation

In China, the automobile manufacturing industry, home appliance manufacturing enterprises, or maintenance of self-employed, are heavily used compressed air as a power source, therefore, will use the camlock coupling. When welding a thin plate member, the residual compressive stress in the area away from the weld zone causes the plate [...]