Camlock coupling is widely used in tanker

camlock coupling

Camlock coupling is widely used in tanker

According to the current method of filling the tank, after tank filling and before they unload tube. Whether after gas and liquid pipes are closed to take over the ball on the filling hose Y-valves and tanker terminals directly discharged rapidly LPG joint segment, and then remove the camlock coupling of this approach, in order for the tanker industry, LPG wholesale business, there are two issues worth considering: first, the emissions of LPG  improve job site concentration of the gas, so that the local area within a certain time LPG gas concentration reaches its explosive limit despite the explosion sites, but from a security point of view, after all, is a safety hazard, to be eliminated. Second, from the perspective of economic value, drained of LPG is a reasonable wear and tear, or waste?

Camlock coupling        Camlock coupling

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