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camlock fittings

K&G Hose coupling, Pipe fitting, Hose clamp leading brand.
Main products: camlock coupling, TW coupling, geka coupling, guillemin coupling, storz coupling, hose mender, KC nipple, pipe fitting and hose clamp.Export to over 35 countries.
100% products test / ISO9001, CE, OHSAS certificate

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ktLOGO Valve

ss camlock coupling

CANTAI Valve leading brand Founded in 1988.
Main products: ball valve, check valve, foot valve, angle valve, gate valve, flange valve, globe valve, safety valve
100% products test / ISO9001, CE, OHSAS certificate.
Export to over 35 countries. …

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Details needs attention when use stainless steel camlock coupling

Stainless steel camlock coupling is made of iron chrome alloy and then mixed with some other trace elements, if... read more

Features of camlock coupling

1.No need for any tool can be a variety of fluid piping connections and separation, anyone can easily complete. 2.Even... read more

How is the camlock coupling size calculated?

This is an inch size Commonly used inch 1 inch is equal to 25.4 mm 1/4 "means that 1/4 inch equals 0.25... read more

The core capability of camlock coupling forming technology

Rapid prototyping technology, referred to as RP, is the 20th century, the late eighties and early 1990s and the... read more

Camlock Coupling Protection Standards

Camlock Coupling are made of stainless steel, brass, aluminum and other materials for the rapid connection in the pipeline,... read more

Camlock coupling internal rust coating requirements

With the progress of society, enterprises on the steel telescopic joints of anti-rust requirements are getting higher and higher.... read more

K&G new domain name description

In order to better develop the company's camlock coupling business, K&G decided to enable the domain name: as the... read more

Trimming knowledge of stainless steel camlock coupling seal

The edge of the seal will bring some rubber burrs when stainless steel camlock coupling produced, these burrs not... read more