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camlock fittings

K&G Hose coupling, Pipe fitting, Hose clamp leading brand.
Main products: camlock coupling, TW coupling, geka coupling, guillemin coupling, storz coupling, hose mender, KC nipple, pipe fitting and hose clamp.Export to over 35 countries.
100% products test / ISO9001, CE, OHSAS certificate

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 Sanitary & Plumbing

ktLOGO Valve


CANTAI Valve leading brand Founded in 1988.
Main products: ball valve, check valve, foot valve, angle valve, gate valve, flange valve, globe valve, safety valve
100% products test / ISO9001, CE, OHSAS certificate.
Export to over 35 countries. …

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Camlock couplings in different environments

From agriculture to oil and gas extraction, from earth transportation to road transportation, camlock couplings are widely used in... read more

Common material of valve housing

1.The gray cast iron suitable for operating temperature between -15 ℃ -200 ℃, nominal pressure PN≤1.6MPa, low pressure valves.... read more

The classification of camlock coupling

Camlock coupling is mainly used for air piping, quick connectors of pneumatic tools, no tools will be able to achieve... read more

Valve industry has two major drawbacks

Overall, China's valve prices are relatively stable, although a slight ups and downs every year, but the magnitude is... read more

The use of quick connector saves time and effort and convenient

If the link between the parts is welded, then one of the parts damaged, it will cost a lot... read more

Valve is applied to Petrochemical Industry

Valve has quite numerous varieties and specifications, depending on the structure and function of the opening and closing parts, the... read more

Advantages of thread fitting

Industrial use of thread fitting are generally made of metal, high pressure, material is carbon steel, stainless steel, alloy... read more

Select the camlock coupling according to the usage environment

First pay attention to the shape and size of the installation when select camlockcoupling , determine the model and... read more

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