Camlock couplings in different environments

Camlock couplings in different environments

From agriculture to oil and gas extraction, from earth transportation to road transportation, camlock couplings are widely used in various industries, even the chemical and food industries.

Therefore, the design and construction of camlock couplings must consider a variety of factors and operating conditions to ensure a complete product line with high quality and high safety throughout the process.

This is why DNP has been developing excellent solutions for nearly 30 years, striving to meet the requirements and standards of all industries, among which quick couplings are an essential part of the company’s daily operations and success. High-quality DNP components improve the performance of the application industry and prevent accidents that may cause economic, personnel or environmental damage.

A key issue in the manufacture of camlock couplings is to assess their exposure to corrosion. From an environment where damage occurs very slowly to an environment where the process is particularly violent and rapid, the increasing damage of such components varies according to the application environment.


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