Food Hoses

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CONSTRUCTION:Polyurethane tube with high tensile strength polyester yarn reinforcement.Clockwise PVC helix with SΩ ground wire.

TEMPERATURE RANGE:-40°F (-40°C) to +140°F (+60°C)

APPLICATION:Heavy duty food grade material handling, railcar unloading, abrasive suction and transfer.



•Meets FDA requirements.

•Approved by USDA for use in meat & poultry plants.

•Clear visual flow and higher transfer pressures.

•Safety Ohm (SΩ) ground wire embedded into the hose wall to help prevent the build-up of static electricity.SΩ wire must be secured to ground to dissipate static electricity.

•-40°F cold weather resistance with sub-zero flexibility.

•Easy to drag with “Go-Glide” external clockwise PVC helix.

•Vacuum up to 29” of Hg.


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