Several important points of camlock coupling welding process

Several important points of camlock coupling welding process

The transverse shrinkage of the camlock coupling is related to the weld metal weight per weld. As the transverse shrinkage of the weld metal resistance increases with the amount of increase, so the first few steps in the process of welding a large amount of shrinkage, and in the latter few welding process shrinkage gradually reduced.

(1) Root gap.

With the root gap increases, the lateral shrinkage increased significantly, because when the root gap increases, the total amount of weld also increases.

(2) Groove form.

Experiments show that, compared with double-sided v-shaped groove, single-sided v-groove butt joint will produce greater lateral contraction. This is partly due to the larger weld area of the V-groove.

(3) Electrode diameter.

As the diameter of the electrode increases, the transverse shrinkage decreases, but unless a large diameter electrode is used on the weld bead, lateral shrinkage is not reduced by increasing the electrode diameter. Hydraulic quick connector, pneumatic camlock coupling,camlock coupling, the basic welding process is the same.

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