Whether camlock coupling is a kind of metal product


Whether camlock coupling is a kind of metal product

Camlock coupling is not a metal product, but a tool can connect metal products quickly. The appearance of the camlock coupling completely rewrite the traditional metal way, only need to connect the metal with the “cable worms” gently click, it will complete a quick metal connection when hear “click” sound.

The reason why traditional camlock coupling easy to cause accident is happen touch line, loose joints, conductor oxidation, dust pollution, with the emergence of these insects hidden dangers will be eliminated one by one. No need to peeling wire, do not tie wire, not wrapped around the tape, a unique design with good waterproof and dustproof effect, and in accordance with the customer’s use of environmental requirements to provide anti-flooding style. And the plastic shell of the cable insects do not have the danger of electric shock at all, the appearance is neat and tidy, and does not need any training, does not need any professional knowledge, as long as the simple two steps can easily connect a group of electric wires perfectly.

Camlock coupling not only end the traditional metal connections, completely avoid the traditional metal connection has triggered a series of security risks and tragedy, but also become a good helper of people’s lives and work. With the further popularization of wire harness products, wire connection will enter a safe, efficient and simple new era.

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