What is the main role of camlock coupling?

What is the main role of camlock coupling?

1.The role of exchange: camlock coupling is the attachment of air pressure, hydraulic tools, cylinders, hydraulic cylinders, metal molds and related machinery . Through which you can make a lot of interaction between the accessories.

2.The protective effect: the computer cooling equipment, die-casting machine cylinder protection protection.

3.The test role: vacuum, pressure, leakage, work and other tests.

4.The role of transportation: bolts, nuts and other solid transport, transfer and conductive function.

5.Filling role: inert gas, nitrogen, LPG, carbonic acid.

6.The role of convergence: fishing rods, compact discs, fixed parts, moving the convergence of work and other than the use of fluid transport.

The main role of the camlock coupling is for the connection. So many products to be used in the field of connector products. When we use the camlock coupling, we should pay attention to many small details and check the quality of the connector. Only high-quality products will be more consumers trust and recognition.

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