How to avoid camlock coupling buckling deformation

How to avoid camlock coupling buckling deformation

In China, the automobile manufacturing industry, home appliance manufacturing enterprises, or maintenance of self-employed, are heavily used compressed air as a power source, therefore, will use the camlock coupling.

When welding a thin plate member, the residual compressive stress in the area away from the weld zone causes the plate to be buckled and deformed to determine whether the deformation is caused by buckling stress or bending.

The reason for the buckling deformation of the camlock coupling is not only different from the bending deformation, but also the shape and size of the performance are not the same, the difference is: the rapid joint buckling deformation of the value is generally much larger than the bending deformation; camlock coupling buckling deformation Stable state more than one, in the same specimen along the weld centerline may appear in a variety of different forms of stability.

camlock coupling The quick link buckling deformation is related to plate width, plate length, welding line energy and welding residual stress. When the ratio of plate width to plate length is constant, the critical thickness does not increase with the increase of plate width. In the case of constant plate width, the critical thickness increases with the increase of the aspect ratio The With the increase in welding line energy, not only the beginning of the deformation of the weldment before the time, but also to the final deformation of the welds increased.

Since the buckling deformation of the camlock coupling is caused by the residual compressive stress, in order to avoid buckling deformation, it is necessary to make the welding residual stress value lower than a critical stress, which can be reduced by reducing the welding amount and reducing the welding line energy Residual stress of welded components. Under the possible conditions of the use of intermittent welding, welding can be reduced by half, so that the residual stress is greatly reduced. Another way is to reduce the size of the weld, but also to achieve the same purpose.

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